Professional partnership - A Remarkable Office Transformation

Professional partnership - A Remarkable Office Transformation

Frederic is a seasoned interior designer in Dubai. He sought to transform an office space into a visual masterpiece in Dubai for a demanding client. Recognizing Peps Wall's expertise, he partnered with us to discover the perfect wallpaper that would bring his vision to life and manage the installation.

  • Personalized Support and Design Exploration:

Frederic shared his ideas and themes with the Peps Wall team, receiving exceptional personalized support. Together, we delved into a world of captivating wallpaper patterns, considering aspects like durability and functionality to curate a selection that aligned perfectly with his vision.

  • Samples and Selection Made Simple:

Peps Wall swiftly provided Frederic with a range of stunning wallpaper samples, enabling him to visualize each design. With expert guidance from Peps Wall & after coordinating with his client, Frederic selected the patterns that would 'peps' the office space and make his vision a reality.

  • Seamless Installation, Minimum Disruption:

Understanding the importance of not interrupting work, Peps Wall arranged for a seamless nighttime installation. Their skilled team meticulously installed the wallpapers, managing the constraints of the wall (+5 meters sometimes) covering an impressive 500 square meters without blocking daily operations.

Our promise to interior designers and professionals: We will make your project a success.

  • Peps Wall's commitment to excellence go beyond personalized support. We are here for you anytime you need us.
  • We will provide top-quality materials, and find you the pattern you need.
  • We will provide you with the best rates on the market with exclusive discounts.


Frederic's collaboration with Peps Wall resulted in a remarkable office transformation. Peps Wall is the trusted choice for interior designers seeking elegant wallpaper solutions. Get in touch now

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